Wild + Faith
Wild + Faith
women living out the gospel commission

Team of hustlers

Wild + Faith is a team of women that are passionate about following God's call in their lives, no matter how wild it may seem. These group of women are dedicated to creating a space for women to flourish, and to connect with one another. Because we believe that the body of Christ is incomplete without the ministry of the female. 

Valerie Sigamani, Fl

Valerie is the founder and director of Wild + Faith Magazine. She is a visionary that follows the dreams that God gives her and has a passion for encouraging women to follow God’s call in their own lives. She is a strong believer in intentional mentorship and collaboration. 

humanitarian, wife, dreamer, and adventurer, 25

Alexy Gatica, MI

Alexy is the associate director of Wild + Faith Magazine. She is passionate about youth and young adults, women’s ministries, and missions. She is walking by faith in the pursuit of God’s calling for her life and feels called to empower others to do the same. Spreading the Good News about Jesus is like a fire shut in her bones and she cannot hold it in. 

Her heart beats for her faith, family, friends, and football. 

Melissa Salazar, IN

Melissa enjoys sharing her life with those around her. She strongly believes in fostering godly friendships and mentorships throughout life. With God's help, she hopes to daily encourage, inspire, and teach others about God's relentless love. Melissa is a vital part of strategic planning, a writer, and an organizer.   

teacher, chaplain, seeker of truth, 23.

Judit Manchay, MI

Judit Amparo Manchay is a 20-something year-old woman that loves laughter, learning, and travel. Currently, she lives in Berrien Springs Michigan where she is learning and loving it (completing her Master’s degree). She always has eagerness to engage in conversations related to life, faith, and eternity. Judit is the thorough workhorse of the team, constantly advertising, connecting, and main editor. 

forever a student and daughter of The Most High, 26