Wild + Faith
Wild + Faith
women living out the gospel commission

She is passionate. She is kind. She is called. 

As a body of believers we strongly believe that all members of God's family need to be equipped for the work of ministry and that training can prayerfully come from our fellow sisters. 

We have been waiting and longing for a time to see a call for women of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life to unite for one purpose. Instead of waiting for something like that to be created for us, we decided, why not do it ourselves?  

God put a vision in our hearts to encourage the women the church to take up their swords, prepare, and engage in battle. It's not about our abilities, its about our call. And God has called us to live out our faith in a way that may seem wild to the rest of the world.

This is the Wild + Faith Woman.

Loving towards her sisters, equipped for ministry, and faithful to God.